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Thursday, 19 September 2019

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MySQL Backup Download


Dumps all MySQL databases on separate sql files in separate folders arranged by date and compresses them. It is also able to remove the old backups after a period defined inside the script. Then one can backup the sql files using a backup program safely without being worried of database corruption.

This version introduces a feature which sends e-mail to a defined e-mail address in case of mysqldump errors as well as including the nature of the error. Also it is compatible with Linux and FreeBSD at the same time.


# v0.0.1 -      Initial version
# v0.0.2 -      Mail function, etc. added
# v0.0.3 -      Can now figure if you use Linux or FreeBSD
# v0.0.4 -      Added hostname to e-mails and singled out common variables
# v0.0.5 -      Removed password usage from command line (security)
# v0.0.6 -      Sometimes cron can set HOME environment variable wrong.
# v0.0.7 -      Allow selection of compression on the fly or after mysqldump
# v0.0.8 -      Allow backups every X day.

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Evren Yurtesen (admin)
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09 Oct 2009
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Evren Yurtesen
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File Date:
09 Oct 2009
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