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Thursday, 19 September 2019

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This scripts compares the installed EasyApp versions by users with the current EasyApp versions of the Psoft supplied EasyApp package.

It prints out the username/domain/easyapp name/installed easyapp version/current psoft supplied easyapp version if the user has an installed version which differs(older version) than the current psoft easyapp package.

# v0.0.1 - Initial Version
# v0.0.3 - A bunch of bugfixes and improvements
# v0.0.4 - Added code to ignore Psoft's garbage (missing vhosts)
# - Fixed output formatting.
# v0.0.5 - Added code to ignore more garbage! (missing users)
# v0.0.6 - Made output to look nicer.
# v0.0.7 - Added possibility to show all installed EasyApps
# v0.0.8 - Can shoot warning e-mails to
# v0.0.9 - Can exclude certain apps from e-mails
# v0.1.0 - If EasyApp collection is defined system can figure which apps are upgradeable
# v0.1.1 - Small bugfixes about how missing domains are handled and showed

Submitted By:
Evren Yurtesen (admin)
Submitted On:
03 Jul 2007
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11.70 Kb
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Evren Yurtesen
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File Date:
03 Jul 2007
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