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Thursday, 19 September 2019

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This program allows you to transfer an already registered(integrated with H-Sphere) domain to ResellOne and update the H-Sphere DB so that further renewals will be done using the ResellOne Registrar. This script can only be run on domains where user can renew their domains through H-Sphere (integrated with H-Sphere).

The only information needed is the domain name and the next expiration date which is normally exactly 1 year from the original expiration date.

You should try to be careful to use the same username/password (in RWI) that the script shows when transfering the domain. Otherwise renewals can not be done.

IMPORTANT: Please set the correct m_entity_id inside the program before using!

# v0.0.1 - Initial Version
# v0.0.2 - Fixed problem with (originally)transferred domains

WARNING: Use only with 2.5p4 and higher versions of H-Sphere! 

Submitted By:
Evren Yurtesen (admin)
Submitted On:
25 Jun 2008
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3.36 Kb
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Evren Yurtesen
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File Date:
15 Apr 2007
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